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My creations are all about picking up bits and pieces of our everyday surroundings and transforming them into somewhat of a surreal world.
It is both exiting and fascinating to convert an average looking window into something whimsical or a high rise building into a pattern that leaves a little of an original object, but introduces something new to your senses. Simple, but absolutely beautiful beach line might be "painted" as a desert landscape. A girl walking down the shore can now fly over the water.

To me creating a new line of perception for otherwise ordinary objects throughout my photographs is similar to opening a window to different reality. On the technical side, overall harmony, rhythm, texture, balance and proportion of colors, shapes and spaces on a photograph - are the cornerstones for my final selection. There is absolute minimum post processing involved in creating the photographs.

One of my techniques is a slight camera move on a long exposure: just a right amount of "slight", which brings up this new mysterious side in an object. I do not use a tripod for this particular technique as I prefer to have freedom with my hands.

Large part of inspiration comes from the place I live in: ever changing light introduces new patterns and feelings to the same old objects throughout the day and as seasons change. Two vases placed on the northern window will suddenly become an older couple still happily sharing their lives together. A few beach chairs will transform into a family of three, when the sun will throw its last rays on them.
Therefore I consider this part of my photography: being inspired by my own house and the transformation it comes through time - a whole different project in it's own right.

I have won several awards and honorable mentions from Northern Virginia Photographic Society. I was also featured on Etsy Fine Art Photography group's blog.

I was born in St-Petersburg, Russia; raised in Tallinn, Estonia; lived 10 years in Washington, DC and now divide my time between Boston, MA and Miami, FL.


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